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Private Venice, Milano and Lake Como Tours by Milo Tours

Venice, Milano & Lakes

The memorable Italian experience from Alpine mountains to glacial lakes and the compelling charme of the northern towns.

One Full Awesome Experience

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Romantic whilst the sunset gondola ride, fiercely charming throughout the Carnival and glamorous during the Film Festival. Elegance and harmony is a must for the city of the Gran Canal and Murano glass.


Private Venice Tours by Milo Tours. Enjoy Venice with Private Water Taxi Transfers, Milo's Gondola Ride, Cooking Class in Venice and Murano Art Gallery Visit

Italian carnival is mentioned since 13th Century and famous for its overpowering spirit on people who still wear colourful masks, special designed costumes, as a sort of controversy of their routine.


Venice Carnival is a "not to miss".

The fame of an amazing form of art born from the fear of the fire and became worldwide!

Murano &

Glass Art Gallery

Murano Art Gallery visit by Milo Tours

Milano inspires with its charm and glamour the fashion and style of the "Made in Italy".

Original, innovative and sophisticated this Italian milestone won locals and travellers with its masterpieces.

What about an aperitivo at Navigli?


Private Milano Tours by Milo Tours

According to the legend, this famous Italian deli came out from a rebound of the master Valerio di Fiandra's assistant who was used to add saffron to any colour to bright them up while attending at the creation of the Duomo's glasses.

At the wedding of the Valerio's daughter, the assistant added saffron, to trick his master, to a regular butter rice. Unintentionally and from a joke, he created the most famous risotto in Italy.


Milano Private Tours by Milo Tours. Risotto alla Milanese is a not to miss once you are in Milano.

Certainly Lake Como is the most famous of top notch destinations in the world.


We love this venue for the villas and the exclusive hamlets commendable to be seen by a very stylish Italian boat drinking a cold prosecco.

Como & Bellagio

Private Lake Como and Bellagio Tours by Milo Tours

From Catullus to Shakespeare, Verona has been famed as the cozy and romantic Italian town.

A pretty chest of highlights like the arena, and noble palaces & gardens in the town of Romeo & Juliet's eternal love. The perfect holiday venue.


Private Verona Tours by Milo Tours

"Shined for love"​

The eternal symbol of love. A tradition that renews from hand to hand thanks to the lovers' guardian.

Would you ever guess why one Juliet's breast is shiner than the other? 

Juliet Curiosity

Private Verona Tours by Milo Tours. Visit Juliet's House and discover the famous balcony said to have inspired Shakespeare.

The jewel of Lake Garda and the wonder of ancient Roman times for its most exclusive baths.


Sirmione is a dream to experience!

Sirmione Sul Garda

Private Lake Garda Tours by Milo Tours
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