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Private Tuscany and Umbria Tours by Milo Tours

Tuscany & Umbria

Tuscany, the motherland of the worldwide greatest artists and perpetual inspiration for literature and movies in that compelling panoramas. Umbria, the land of flawless natural treasures! Hills, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and valleys. A constant green landscape evoking the sensations coming from the most talented painter's palette.

One Full Awesome Experience

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Land of art, culture and food.


Try to think about an Italian artist then try to check where was he from.


The renaissance was a gift to the world and Florence is the the place to live, experience and go into that gift!


Private Florence Walking and Food Tours by Milo Tours

Have you ever seen "the perfect imperfection"?


Visit The Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze ("Gallery of the Academy of Florence") by Milo Tours. Enjoy the best known sculpture of Michelangelo: David

A story apart from Italy. "La Cucina Fiorentina" is certainly one of the best in the world!

The gourmet soups of mixed vegetables, the rich "pappardelle" with ragout of wild boar or goose, the queen T-bone Fiorentina or the tasty "pici" are some of the delights served in city center restaurants.

Vice versa truck food's panini with trippa or "peposo" originally served to the workers of Saint Maria Novella's dome, will be able to make you taste all the street culinary traditions of this opulent land! 



Private Florence Tours by Milo Tours

From the set of the epic horse race "il Palio di Siena” to the worldwide famous medieval Manhattan, San Gimignano. This combo provides unrivalled shots of architecture, towers and the ancient city walls. Plus, relaxing with an exclusive winery experience.

This is the Tuscany we designed for you!

Siena & San Gimignano

Private Siena and San Gimignano Tours by Milo Tours. Visit the Tuscan villages and enjoy Chianti wineries by Milo Tours.

Rise your hand up if you do not just think about the 183 feet of the leaning tower when we are talking about Pisa!

However, it is just the third oldest monument in the square.

Pisa is certainly a must to do once in Tuscany, may be with a stunning winery experience in Chianti!


Private Pisa Tours by Milo Tours

The post Roman evolution of the small towns was used to come out around a theatre or an amphitheater and Lucca is the perfect Italian location to talk about the crucial passage from ancient Roman times to early Christian period.


Do not miss to taste a delicious salty slice of  "torta coi becchi".


Private Lucca Tours by Milo Tours

3.000 years old Italian thermal bath!

A perpetual source of 100°F for the most amazing natural experience in Tuscany.


Private Saturnia Tours by Milo Tours. Visit the hidden Natural Hot Springs with Milo Tours

Driving along Tuscany hilltop towns and green peaceful landscapes will give you the taste of nature.


Only the 6% of the region is employed for olive oil and wine: limited production for a never-ending experience inspiring Italian and foreign painters for centuries.

Wine Experience

Private Wine Tasting and Lunch Experience in Chianti by Milo Tours

Walled by Etruscans, this gorgeous medieval destination embodies the spirit of the Italian inland countryside.

Art, history, heavenly food and a sweet vocation for chocolate. Discover with us the largest dedicated festival in Europe.

Do not miss the "baci"!


Private Perugia Tours by Milo Tours

Holy Roman Emperor Frederic II in 1249 named this venue after his falcon hunting passion.


On the fertile grounds of golden vineyards among the Umbrian secrets, a taste of cuisine and savours, wines and gourmet charcuteries.

An empiric discovery of a spectacular part of Italy.


Private Montefalco Tours by Milo Tours

There is a hidden instinct in every Umbrian family. From generation to generation they take ahead the ancient know how of wild food truffle hunting. It is an enduring slow process. Hunting dog's to train, forest secrets to learn, good care of the father's leather bag to carry along as a lucky charm.​ The Italian musician Gioacchino Rossini was used to compare the truffles to the genius of W. A. Mozart, creating some dedicated recipes. In Italy there is still a macaroni pie called Rossini and we know who makes the best!

Truffle Hunting

Private Truffle Hunting and Cooking Class by Milo Tours
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