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Private Piedmont and Langhe Tours by Milo Tours

Piedmont & Langhe

The perfect harmony of nature and peace, Piedmont region, lying under the gorgeous Alps, is a little-known jewel by the Italian border between France and Switzerland. Spoil yourself in Langhe countryside, the unique land of enchanting wellness & spa and superb wine.

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Where the Savoy court lived till mid 1800s and left as heritage the beautiful baroque buildings together with certain richness that has the reflection all around the region.


Rich in art and history, sparkling with its splendid nature and ornamental gardens, Lake Maggiore offers an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for travellers. 

Lake Maggiore

Piedmont & Langhe by Milo Tours. Lake Maggiore

Surrounded by ancient and picturesque villages, the peaceful Lake Orta, represents the tranquility, with it’s mysterious and almost spiritual form.

Lake Orta

Piedmont & Langhe by Milo Tours. Lake Orta.

Produced in a small region where the soil composition and Nebbiolo grape create the different scents and characteristics for it. The Barolo wine, so precious and world wide famous.


Piedmont & Langhe by Milo Tours. Langhe & Barolo.
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