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Private Apulia and Matera Tours by Milo Tours

Apulia & Matera

Apulia, the little known "heel of the boot" is a wonder of natural colours with multiple shadows among monuments, nature, food and wine, folklore and traditions, with a crystal blue sea. This blessed shining region relies on breathtaking sceneries and charming cozy historic centres. Every spot keeps a secret that deserves to be discovered.

One Full Awesome Experience

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A vivid old fashion white village, maze of alleys and amazingly natural people.

Proud and thrilling like the genuine “mammas” skilfully kneading and shaping the most traditional of the Italian pasta, the ”orecchiette”.

We will disclose for you the hidden corners of this land and every tasteful speciality.


Private Bari Tours by Milo Tours

"How do you make it so delicious?"  

Ask that to the bakers in Bari Vecchia, the answer will be always the same:

"Genuine Pugliese flour, salt, Barese water and olive oil, fresh tomato with oregano, experience and love."

Focaccia Barese!

Private Bari Tours by Milo Tours. To taste Focaccia Barese is a must.

Arco Basso is the best part in Bari. The houses' main doors are all day long open to the streets, just covered with lacework curtains, with no privacy.​ At the end of the room there is a small kitchen where experienced and conservative ladies still shape the "orecchiette".​ 


Negotiate the price of this local excellence and learn how to roll them from mamas and grandmas is a must to do in Bari.


Private Bari Tours by Milo Tours. Discover the local "orecchietti" shaped by local Barese ladies in Bari Vecchia streets.

We introduce you to a "wonder mamma Barese". She will cook for you the most unconventional dinner in Bari from the delicious fried "sgagliozze" to the incredible orecchiette with broccoli rabe! 

Where will we eat? In the kitchen of her house, opened to the square!

Milo's Barese Meal!

Private Bari Tours by Milo Tours. Enjoy the very local "Barese Lunch" prepared by our Barese mamma.

An engaging and colourful sea side village perched on the limestone cliff with one of the most famous beaches in Italy.

A spectacular journey on a "Gozzo Barese" to enjoy all the best of the Apulian shoreline.

The local "caffè speciale" made out of coffee, cream, lemon zest and almonds' amaretto is the best in Apulia!

Polignano a Mare

Private Polignano a Mare Tours by Milo Tours.

The fairy tale town of Apulia!


"Trulli" of Alberobello, the limestone dwellings with stone conical roofs, are doubtless the unique landmark of this region and definitely an uncommon way to disclose the lifestyle & secrets of the Italian inland in full comfort.


Private Alberobello Tours by Milo Tours. You will love the fairy tale town of Apulia with its Trulli.

The Apulian spirit with unexplored destinations, their local white stone decorations and unexpected seaside areas.

A marvellous full day discovery made of colours and savours.

Monopoli, Locorotondo & Ostuni

Private Monopoli, Locorotondo and Ostuni Tours by Milo Tours.

On the southern edge of Italy, Lecce is involving with its baroque style local white rock sculptures.

Exceptional art and subliminal cuisine, as the delicios "pasticciotto", the highlight of the local patisserie.


Private Lecce Tours by Milo Tours. Do not miss "the Florence of the South".

A mystical neolithic city with stone age evidences in every corner.


A town entirely sculptured into the naked rock along with white marble caves and limestone hills.


Cave dwellings provide literally the sense of uniqueness!


Private Matera Tours by Milo Tours.
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