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Covid-tested Flights to Italy!

Thanks to the hard of the Italian Ministery of Health, we are so happy to announce the launch of the "Covid-tested flights to Italy."

What are Covid-tested flights?

Italian Ministry of Health by means of a special ordinance authorised the flights with some special requirements and these flights are called Covid-tested flights.

What are passengers required to do on "Covid-tested" flights?

Passengers on Covid-tested flights are required to:

  • introduce to the carrier, upon boarding, the negative result certification of the molecular test (RT PCR) or antigenic test, realized by a swab, no later than 48 hours prior to boarding;

  • complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) - digital dPLF to be shown before boarding;

  • take another molecular (RT PCR) or antigen swab test upon arrival at the destination airport.

As a passenger, travelling to Italy, if you have the requirements mentioned above for Covid-tested flights, you are authorised to enter and transit into the Italian national territory, with no comply to the obligations of health surveillance and fiduciary isolation.

One step ahead!

As Milo Tours, we follow our guests step-by-step to craft their journey in Italy. After, we create your dream together with you, we are looking forward to welcoming you in Italy. Please note that we are always here for your travel program: before your arrival, during your stay and after your departure!

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