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American tourists can visit Italy this summer!

Rome by Milo Tours: Rome, the mother of western civilisations and heart of the religious world.

It was more than a year of shutting down the borders for non essential travel for almost all around the world. But finally, we have some good news! European Union decides to open the borders to Americans who have been vaccinated fully; so American tourists can start travelling to Europe.

Thanks to the fast vaccination in the United States and the progressive dialogues in between European Union and there, travel for leisure will be able to begin.

We still do not now about the exact timing on when travelling for tourism will start but some restrictions are on the way to change depending on the vaccination certificates.

 Milo's Amalfi Coast: A charming coastline abducting you at first sight.

Milo Tours customize bespoke private experiences all around Italy with the mission to provide compelling memories for every traveller. We handpick 5-star hotels & villas, luxury cars & vans, professional tour guides, top rated restaurants and traditional farms, exclusive boats & yachts to craft personalized activities.

Reach us to craft your Italian dream


Phone: +39 334 842 46 96 I +39 339 429 58 00

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