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Milo's Highlights

What would it be the highlight of your trip in Italy? Milo's Highlights offers you a selection of personalised services exclusive, authentic, fun, iconic and delightful to tailor your memorable experience!

Milo Tours_Vatican Exlusive Opening_Private Tours_.jpg

Vatican Exclusive

A lifetime experience for a bespoke opportunity to delve into one of the largest worldwide art collection in a peaceful and sacred comfort. 

Milo's F1_Ferrari Museum

Milo's F1

A great combination of a fierce passion and an uncompetitive elegance forms together the unbeatable Italian legend.

Vatican Exclusive
Milo's F1
Milo Tours_Italy Gourmet Tours

Italy Gourmet

Love, passion, joy, quality and the touch of an Italian mamma!

The real recipe of every genuine Italian dish of the Italian food valley.

Eat local in every town with immersive discoveries for all your senses!

Milo Tours_Private Tours_Fiat 500_Photo by jurre-houtkamp


The first Italian icon of travelling. The real vintage way to discover the Italian gems and experience Italy with love and ageless style.


Explore Rome, Amalfi Coast or Sicily in 500!

Milo Tours_Private Vespa Tours_Italy


Irresistibly Italian since 1964! The most loved icon of 60' around the world and at one time the symbol of freedom and happiness of the Italian summer.

Your Vespa dolce vita experience around Italy!

Milo's Concepts
Image by J Lee

Milo's Concept

Are you planing to organize a special event or celebrate a special occasion? A honeymoon, anniversary, retirement, birthday, graduation or a unique rainbow vacation with your partner?

Let's craft your trip or create your gift card together!

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