Milo's Destinations

Experiential travel concepts and thrilling local touch to carry you to memorable adventures! We permanently seek for compelling destinations, boutique hotels and experiences, handpicked restaurants and offbeat tracks. A constant learning & discovery of the most loved country in the world to deliver the best possible. Welcome to Italy!

Milo Tours_Private Rome Tours_Image by Mathew Schwartz


Monumental masterpieces, priceless museums, gorgeous parks, traditions and peasant food discoveries.

Unrivalled legacy of history and life!

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Amalfi Coast & 

Bay of Naples

A global melting pot, the unexpected discovery of Italy. Street life hub and wonderful chest of surprising experiences of multiple tastes and cultures.

Milo Tours_Tuscany & Chianti Private Tours_Italy

Tuscany & Chianti

Land of the Etruscans and mystery, pre-roman civilisation and extraordinary connection from renaissance to the  unity of Italy.

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Untouched landscapes and green valleys!

Umbria will thrill every single visitor with the simplicity of everyday life surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

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Northern Italy &

Cinque Terre

A constant discovery built on memorable experiences from the glacial lakes to the charming riviera to deliver all the best of Italy.

Milo Tours_Private Tours_Apulia & Matera_Italy

Apulia & Matera

Hidden Italian treasure and wonder of natural colours with multiple shadows. The joy of life! 

Milo Tours_Private Sicily Tours_Image by Lyle Wilkinson


Land of lava & salt. Crystal water, hills and mountains, rivers, lakes and mainly volcanoes. 

Sicily is a natural masterpiece!