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Mountains, small hidden villages and perched houses scattered down to the blue water. This eye-catchy blue colour of the Tyrrhenian sea combined to soft pastel colours of the unique villas with fresh flowers and yellow citrus fruit gardens will take place in your memories forever!

Milo's Amalfi Coast


full awesome experience

Amalfi Coast

"I first heard of Positano from Alberto Moravia. It was very hot in Rome and he said, “Why don’t you go down to Positano on the Amalfi Coast? It is one of the fine places of Italy”...

..."I hired a driver to take me to Positano. He was a registered driver in good standing. His card reads: “Signor Bassani Bassano, Experienced Guide – all Italy – and Throt Europe”. It was the “Throt Europe” that won me."

By John Steinback, Positano 

from Harper' Bazaar, May 1953

Amalfi Coast ride is a tale to share, always and forever!

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